Post production is a key component of producing the video that will get your company noticed. We use only state of the art computer Avid software to add those interesting special effects, that high-powered music, and the cool animation and white-boarding that will make your video stand-out.

Our video editing services include:

• Nitris DX Composer

• Voiceovers

• Multi-Format (HD, DV, Etc.)

• Extensive Music Library

• Teleprompter Services

• Greenscreen Videotaping

Why use a greenscreen for editing?


When you want to look like you are on location, but you just can't be there, a greenscreen provides the background you need! Videotaping with a greenscreen can manipulate video effects in post-production. You can use logos, different background colors, graphics, or location shots. You can set the exact lighting you need and have total set control. A flexible greenscreen can be used in the studio or on your location. This technique can save you a lot of money, travel time, and expenses